The Market is Tight for Single Family Homes – What Are Alternatives?

We’ve watched home prices in our communities go up in recent years, leaving many of our members out of the running when it comes to traditional single family home owner-ship. That’s why we created a first-of-its-kind loan for mobile and manufactured homes to make the dream of owning a home a reality for the people … Continued

How to Get the Best Rate on an Auto Loan

  There’s a lot to consider when you’re in the market for a new vehicle – but getting the best deal on your loan should be a top priority.  Here are some tips for making sure you’re buying a new or used vehicle that fits your lifestyle AND your budget.   PICKING THE RIGHT VEHICLE … Continued

Here’s What You Can Do To Protect Yourself From Fraud

  Fraud and identity theft can wreak havoc on your finances and your credit score. At Vocal, we’re committed to doing everything we can to protect our members from fraud at every level in our credit union.  We also want to make sure you have the tools to keep your information safe.   These are … Continued

How to Improve Your Credit Score

  Your credit score is the most important factor in your ability to get a loan, credit card, insurance, and utilities – or to rent a home or apartment.  It also generally determines the interest rate you’ll have to pay for financing.  That’s why it’s so important to understand your credit report, know your credit … Continued

Credit Unions Harmed by Rules Meant for Wall Street

As a member-owned cooperative, a credit union’s success is literally tied to the financial health of the people who walk through its doors every single day. This symbiotic structure is why credit unions remain the safest and most consumer-friendly option in banking. It’s also a clear example of why you didn’t see the government bailing … Continued

This Holiday Season Shop for Miracles with Vocal Credit Union

Starting on International Credit Union day on October 20th, and running through Christmas, Vocal will donate 5 cents to Shodair Children’s Hospital every time you swipe your Vocal debit or credit card. That means with every single purchase you make with one of your Vocal cards, you’ll be donating to an organization that makes such … Continued

Vocal Transitions to Chip Card Technology

Keeping our members’ data and transactions secure is a top priority for Vocal Credit Union.  That’s why our debit and credit cards are transitioning to EMV chip card technology. EMV (named for its creators Europay, Mastercard and Visa) is the globally compatible technology that improves security beyond the traditional magnetic strip on the back of … Continued

Home Equity+ Hybrid Loans

Vocal Credit Union is proud to offer a Home Equity+ hybrid loan option that is particularly useful for families and young adults who have built equity in their first homes, and are looking to pay off their homes faster. Our Home Equity+ loan is a great option for people who have paid off a significant … Continued

Mobile and Manufactured Home Loans

Vocal Credit Union is one of the only financial institutions in our region to offer a Mobile and Manufactured Home Loan option in order to serve our community, and to help our members get started as home owners. We understand that loans for building a house or the cost of purchasing a single family home … Continued

Trico Community Federal Credit Union Rebrands as Vocal Credit Union

HELENA – On Monday, March 14, 2016, Trico Community Federal Credit Union will transition to a Montana state credit union charter and begin operating under their new identity: Vocal Credit Union. The name Vocal Credit Union embodies one of the financial cooperative’s core governing principles: “Where every member has a voice.” Vocal will continue to … Continued