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About Our Auto Loans

Buying a vehicle is an exciting event, but it can be an overwhelming process. Between deciding on the type of vehicle that’s right for you, aligning your vehicle options with your budget, and haggling on the final price, it’s a lot to handle alone, especially with limited funds. That’s where an auto loan can come in and help get you in a set of wheels. If you’re looking for an auto loan to get back on the road, leave it to us. At Vocal Credit Union, we are local credit union auto loan experts who can help you get the financing you need so you can continue your travels!

Benefits of a Credit Union Auto Loan

Convenient, Friendly Service

Vocal is your local community credit union. With us, you’re not just another account. We take the time to know each of our members and understand your goals. We’ll help you get the best auto loan that’s right for you.

No Credit Score Cut-Off

Not everyone has perfect credit, and we understand that. Whether you’ve always paid cash for everything or just turned 18 and haven’t had time to build a credit history, we’ll work with you to get the right financing for you.

Streamlined Auto Loan Lending

With easy apply-online financing and efficient loan processes, we don’t make lending overly complicated. We cater to all borrowers to make getting an auto loan simple, convenient, and easy.

Auto Loan Terms

Requirements to Apply for an Auto Loan

To keep the auto loan approval process as simple as possible, you don’t need to be a member when applying for an auto loan with us. However, you will need to qualify for membership to obtain an auto loan. Members must live, work, or worship within Jefferson, Meagher, Broadwater, Lewis and Clark counties.

Auto Loans We Offer

Auto Loans that Best Fit Your Needs

At Vocal, we offer auto loans for new and used vehicles. So, whether you need a brand new heavy-duty truck for hauling equipment or a used car to get around town, our rates are the same no matter the age of the vehicle. We also provide a maximum 6-year loan term on approved credit. Discover more about our new and used auto loans today!

Protect Your Auto with Additional Coverage

We offer robust Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), which can be used in the event of a total loss of your vehicle. If your insurance company doesn’t pay off the balance on your auto loan, our GAP coverage may kick in and pay the difference between what you owe and what your auto payoff is. Also, within our GAP coverage is our Deductible Assistance Program. This coverage is used in a non-total loss scenario where your vehicle has been damaged but just needs repair.

Extended Warranty Coverage

Also known as mechanical repair coverage, our extended warranties for qualified vehicles help you cover auto repair costs that may arise unexpectedly. Members can buy this coverage anytime, even without a loan from Vocal.

Debt Protection

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Auto Loans FAQs
What is the Most Efficient Way to Apply for an Auto Loan?

The easiest way to apply for an auto loan is with our online auto loan application. There is no need to fill out lengthy forms with a pen or paper. Our knowledgeable loan officers will review your application and reply as soon as possible.

How Much Does it Cost to Apply?

We don’t charge! There are no costs to apply for auto loan financing.

How Long Does it Take to Get Approved?

Our hassle-free auto loan approval process is quick and efficient. We’ll help you every step of the way to get the auto loan financing that best fits your needs.

Vocal Credit Union Auto Loans

Drive Away in Your Dream!

With our in-depth auto loan knowledge, quick loan process, and personalized support, you can rely on us to match you with the best auto loan for all your vehicle needs. Get back on the road, and apply for an auto loan today!

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What our clients are saying
Patricia B.

“I have been with this credit union for almost 40 years, they are great. I have never had an issue with them. I have had numerous loans with them over the years, they have always treated me and my family professionally and have been great to work with. I trust them to always do the right thing with my finances. Great folks.”

Joe W.

“I opened my account in 1994 when it was trico educational federal credit Union. Have had many loans with them. People have always been helpful and polite. No problems with them unless I created the problem myself then they are more than willing to help.”

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