Q. What is EMV?

EMV is the most recent advancement in the initiative to combat fraud. The card is embedded with a microprocessor chip that stores the cardholder information more securely than cards with a magnetic strip. You will be asked to insert your card into the point of sale terminal instead of the traditional card swipe.

Q. Do I need to change the information with my payroll/companies I pay?

No, the routing number and your account number will remain the same. This name change will not affect ACHs.

Q. Where can I mail my deposits/payments?

PO Box 7449 Helena Montana 59601 and our Physical addess is 2910 Prospect Avenue Helena Montana.

Q. Is my money still be insured?

Yes, every member continues to be insured the same way it is now for $250,000 through the National Share Insurance Fund (NSIF).

Q. What is the phone/fax number?

Our main number is 442.1421 and fax documents to 442.6123

Q. What are Vocal’s business hours?

The lobby is open 9-5 M-F. The drive up will open at 7:30 MTWF and 9 on Thursday. It will stay open until 5:30 MTWT and 6 on Fridays, and 9-1 on Saturdays.

Q. How do I get my online banking or mobile app setup and funtional?

Give us a call and we can help you get started.

Q. How does Bill Pay work?

The Bill Pay site will remain the same; it will have an updated look. You will not be required to reenter any information.

Q. Wo can join the credit union?