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Home Equity+ Hybrid Loans

Sep 10, 2020 | News

Vocal Credit Union is proud to offer a Home Equity+ hybrid loan option that is particularly useful for families and young adults who have built equity in their first homes, and are looking to pay off their homes faster.

Our Home Equity+ loan is a great option for people who have paid off a significant portion of their original mortgage, and are now looking to refinance in order to make their next real estate property investment, Vocal will work with our members to customize a Home Equity+ loan that fits your needs and your budget. We require that Vocal holds the first lien position on your property, and can even pay off your original lien holder as part of the financing process. We will pay for the closing costs so there is no upfront expense to you,

The Home Equity+ loan allows you to shorten the life of the loan to a 12-year maximum term. By reducing the term of the loan, Vocal helps you keep your payments about the same while significantly reducing the timeline of your financial obligation. That means in a little over a decade you’ll have more of your dollars to spend on the next phase of your dreams, instead of waiting 30 years to pay off a traditional home loan.

The Home Equity+ hybrid option is held in-house at the credit union, so you will be dealing with your local branch and the great team you know for the duration of the loan. If you ever have questions about payments, you can pick up the phone or stop by the main office to speak with a Vocal representative who truly understands the loan terms – instead of trying to get answers from a list of phone options at a national institution. We believe this level of service is another way we can best serve our members and our community.

Vocal Credit union also provides options for Mobile and Manufactured Home Loans. Any member of the community can complete an online loan application available on our web site at www.vocal.coop under the Lending/Personal Loan tab.

If you’d like to learn more about the Home Equity+ or Mobile and Manufactured Home Loan options, please call 406-442-1421 to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our knowledgeable team members, or stop by our office at 2910 Prospect Avenue in Helena.

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