man standing and smiling while holding up car keys to his newly purchased car


There’s a lot to consider when you’re in the market for a new vehicle – but getting the best deal on your loan should be a top priority.  Here are some tips for making sure you’re buying a new or used vehicle that fits your lifestyle AND your budget.



The decision to buy a new vehicle – or a used vehicle that’s new to you – is often linked to a bigger change in life.  Our members come to us for a New/Used Vehicle loan when they need a more reliable vehicle to get to school and work, or when a they need a new work truck for a growing trades business.  Whatever your reason for needing a new vehicle is, we want to be sure you find an affordable, practical car or truck to get you around.



What’s the right price and trade in value for a car you’re considering?

Before you start a conversation with a dealership salesperson, it’s a great idea to know a realistic price range for the vehicle you’re considering. And, it may seem like planning too far ahead to think about the trade-in value of a vehicle before you’ve even decided on a purchase, but it should be a major factor in your decision.  Why?  Because you want to be sure your vehicle will hold value and not lose you money if your life changes in the next few years and you want to move onto a different make or model.

Kelley Blue Book is a great place to research what a vehicle is worth now, and will be worth in a few years.


How many miles does a used vehicle have on the odometer?

You may have found a car or truck you really like for its style and performance.  But if there’s a high number on the odometer you may be in for costly repairs and low trade-in value down the road.

If the used vehicle you want and can afford has been driven over 100,000 miles it’s well worth the time and money to take it to a local mechanic before buying.  Make sure the inspection includes checking the engine and transmission, brakes, and body to make sure you won’t have any expensive surprises in the near future.

Carfax is also a great resource to get a quick and comprehensive report on a vehicle’s previous ownership, maintenance history, and any major repairs needed.

When you’ve found the vehicle that works for you, make sure your credit score is in great shape, so you’re going into the financing process with a strong chance of getting a loan with an affordable rate.



At Vocal, we help work with members during the New/Used Vehicle Loan application process to make sure you get the right vehicle at the right price from a dealership. To put it simply, we don’t gain anything by putting you in a car that doesn’t work with your current budget – and we consider it our duty to be your ally in this process!

We always base the rates and terms of our New/Used Vehicle Loan on a member’s credit score and payment history – NOT the age of the vehicle they want to buy. We offer the exact same rate for the brand new Ford 150 you need to haul construction materials as we do for the used Subaru that will help you get your kids to school safe every day.

We offer competitive rates, with a maximum term of 72 months (6 years).  That 6 year term is important, because sometimes a dealership will offer a longer loan term that makes it impossible for a vehicle to gain or hold equity.  We offer affordable rates and sensible, flexible options because we know many of our members need assistance taking the next step in life, and may not have a best fit financing opportunity at a big bank or dealership.

If you’re ready to find out what a New and Used Vehicle Loan option could look like for you, call us at (406) 442.1421 or begin the online application process today!