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We’ve watched home prices in our communities go up in recent years, leaving many of our members out of the running when it comes to traditional single family home owner-ship. That’s why we created a first-of-its-kind loan for mobile and manufactured homes to make the dream of owning a home a reality for the people we serve.

According to, the median home price in Helena is $285,000, and the average price of a home in White Sulphur Springs is $90,000. Those prices are predicted to continue rising. However, mobile and manufactured homes are a far more affordable option, with listings cur-rently on the market between $20,000 – $75,000. That price range is a more achievable goal for first time homebuyers and people who have dealt with financial challenges in the past, but want to start building equity in a place to call their own.


Here are 5 major advantages of buying a mobile or manufactured home:

1. Affordable down payments and monthly payments.

This one is, of course, the biggest draw to mobile and manufactured homes. Most properties require between a 10% and 20% down payment, and that can be a huge upfront cost. Buying a home at Helena’s median listing price of $285,000 would require between $28,500 and $57,000 just to get in the door. The payment for that home would likely be in the $1500/month range.

Compare that to a $35,000 mobile/manufactured home, where you could make a 20% down payment for $7,000 and have a monthly payment as low as $145.00. The math is easy to un-derstand – mobile and manufactured homes are a far more affordable option for many of our members to establish home ownership.

2. Lower cost of utilities.

The smaller square footage of most mobile and manufactured homes means less space to heat and cool overall. Improvements in construction technology and the materials used mean mobile and manufactured homes are continually becoming more energy efficient, and leading to lower energy bills each month. Even with factoring in the cost of lot rent, a mobile or manufactured home can provide much lower utility expense.

3. A safe, quality living situation.

State laws require that mobile and manufactured homes in Montana meet national Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards for construction and living conditions. A mobile or manufactured home property could also face a home inspection during the buy/sell agreement process, and major safety issues or dam-age are required to be disclosed.

4. Not having to move every time your rental changes ownership.

Moving isn’t really anyone’s idea of a great time – especially when you’re busy with work and raising a family. Buying a mobile or manufactured home gives you a home base in the same neighborhood for the long run, and saves countless hours and energy on packing/unpacking and setting up a new place.

5. Build equity and financial stability instead of paying rent.

Every payment you make on a mobile or manufactured home is building the value you’d get from the asset should you decide to sell. In contrast, rent payments are an expense you’ll never re-coup and only add value for the property owner.

Better yet, buying a mobile or manufactured home will help improve your credit report and finan-cial stability for the long run, because making a regular payment demonstrates a history of fi-nancial responsibility.


How can Vocal help you take this first step to home ownership?

By offering our unique Mobile and Manufactured Home Loan.

The loan basics are straightforward:

1. Placing a mobile home on a rented lot

  • Maximum loan amount of $200,000 for a mobile home with land
  • Maximum loan term of 12 years
  • Age of the mobile or manufactured home to be purchased must be under 20 years
  • All members will need to purchase insurance to cover the full loan amount

2. Placing a mobile or manufuactured home on land

  • Maximum loan amount of $75,000 including the land
  • Mobile or manufactured home must have been built after 1977
  • All members will need to purchase insurance to cover the full loan amount
  • Maximum Loan to Value will be 85%


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