debit-cardsKeeping our members’ data and transactions secure is a top priority for Vocal Credit Union.  That’s why our debit and credit cards are transitioning to EMV chip card technology.

EMV (named for its creators Europay, Mastercard and Visa) is the globally compatible technology that improves security beyond the traditional magnetic strip on the back of your cards.  The reflective EMV chip on cards contains an integrated circuit that instantly creates a unique transaction key every time a purchase is made, and couples that key with your user pin or signature.  Transaction keys can never be duplicated, making it much harder to copy information from the card.  The end result is a significantly reduced risk of card fraud, and greater peace of mind for you with every purchase you make.

Although EMV technology is not currently mandated in the United States, Vocal is making the switch to offer our members the highest level of security and fraud protection available today.  We believe seeking out the latest and best technologies to protect your dollars and data is a key component of our mission to provide great service with a personal touch.  The majority of retailers and businesses already offer chip reading technology, so the transition should be seamless when you’re making a purchase.

Vocal’s new black Visa credit cards were transitioned to EMV technology. A new card was mailed to every cardholder in July 2016.  The old blue magnetic stripe cards will continue to work for a while, but we encourage every member to activate their new card at the earliest opportunity in order to benefit from the advanced security features.

The silver and Credit Union for Kids debit cards will be ready in August 2016. You will receive your new EMV debit card when your old card expires.  If you’d like to get your new EMV card sooner, please come in to our office at 2910 Prospect Avenue and speak with a Vocal team member.  We’re also happy to answer any questions you have about EMV chip card technology, so please don’t hesitate to call us at (406) 442-1421.