What an amazing and exciting year for me and the rest of my team!

In the fall of 2017, Vocal Credit Union acquired a Dutton State Bank branch in White Sulphur Springs! Since then we’ve been extremely busy helping members become familiar with Vocal, transitioning accounts seamlessly, and establishing ourselves within the community. It has been one heck of a ride! In the past year, we have increased loan volume by $2 million and moved over 600 of our accounts in the White Sulphur Springs area alone!

For greater convenience, we have also added a drive-up ATM to our location. So, if you need cash quick, just stop by our ATM and be on your way in minutes!

At Vocal, we strive to build relationships with our members. Because of the trust built with those relationships, we are able to do just about any kind of lending that a person could need. We have incredibly affordable rates on our consumer loans, and are very competitive on our real estate loan rates – including coverage for mobile and manufactured homes. Vocal also has an avenue for your commercial and agricultural financing needs! To help keep your operation solvent, we can do everything from operating lines to term notes on equipment and real estate. Please take the time to visit with our staff to help determine what program fits your needs best. We are knowledgeable, hard working and here to help you reach your goals!

In addition to adding accounts and booking loans, we have been happy to further engage with community activities. Vocal started out by donating backpacks to the school for the elementary children to use as needed. We then moved on to support the hospital fundraiser. What an exceptional event that was with great food and conversation for everyone! Vocal Credit Union has also become a major sponsor of the White Sulphur Springs Labor Day Rodeo, doing our part to make sure the event will be here for years to come. We have also sponsored the Meagher County 4-H Council, and enjoy seeing our efforts benefit so many young men and women expanding their skills from baking and woodworking, to livestock care and production. Vocal has also made contributions to the Meagher County Fire Department and the Arrowhead Meadows Golf Association to help them better serve the community.

We vow to continue working with these organizations and others to do the most for our communities whenever possible.

As I see it,  we are all on this journey called life together, and our neighbors and members deserve our assistance. We will do our absolute best to ensure we are helping you whenever you need it.

Personally, I would like to thank the Vocal staff. Their efforts have been a great example of what we can accomplish when we work together. I would also like to thank all of our members that have supported us through this endeavor with patience and understanding. With your unwavering support, Vocal Credit Union is here to stay in White Sulphur Springs!