Vocal’s Mission Statement

As a member owned financial cooperative, we listen to and service the needs of our members.


Must live, work, worship or attend school in Lewis and Clark, Meagher, Jefferson, or Broadwater Counties

OR be related to someone who meets the qualifications above.

Core Values

We are passionate people

We care about our members and the credit union – we want them to succeed.

We think differently

We seek innovation and advances in every facet of serving our members.

We do it right

We are accountable for our actions and are uncompromising on our integrity.

We believe in fun

We treat each other with respect, with a little fun in the mix.

Dutton State Bank to Close Branch

Dutton State Bank to close branch on September 29, 2017 with Vocal Credit Union reopening the branch on October 2, 2017.

This fall, the White Sulphur Springs community will have a credit union to utilize for their financial service needs. On September 29, 2017 the Dutton State Bank branch in White Sulphur Springs, located on Highway 12 East, will transition to Vocal Credit Union. Current customers of Dutton State Bank can expect to see a letter announcing the changes and outlining the details. The current WSS Dutton State Bank staff will all shift to the credit union with Dallas Rasmussen returning as the manager. The new Vocal Office in White Sulphur Springs will open for business on Monday, October 2nd.

“It was clear in my conversations with the Vocal team that they really care about their members, and what’s best for the people they serve. I’m thrilled to be able to come back to work in White Sulphur Springs and serve the community I call home with great accounts and lending options,” said Dallas Rasmussen, White Sulphur Springs Branch Manager.

Vocal Credit Union was originally founded in 1954 when eight teachers pooled their money to serve educators in Helena. In 2008, the credit union changed its name to Trico Community Federal Credit Union and began providing financial services to anyone who lives, works, or worships in Lewis & Clark, Jefferson or Broadwater Counties. In March of last year, the credit union began operating under a Montana state charter and the new identity Vocal Credit Union—a name that reflects one of its core principles: “where every member has a voice.” Vocal is proud to be a small $26M financial cooperative owned by and for the members it serves.

In Vocal, the White Sulphur Springs community will find a financial institution well-structured to serve individual consumers of all income levels and life stages. Vocal has always focused on making financial services and affordable loan options accessible to community members, and recently earned national recognition as one of only five Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) certified credit unions in Montana. The CDFI certification was awarded to Vocal because of its ongoing commitment to serving people of modest means.

“At Vocal, we’ve been looking for ways to bring our affordable, custom-tailored accounts and loans to more Montanans. We’re thrilled to have this opportunity to expand our presence to White Sulphur, and to become involved with this great community,” said Vocal’s President/CEO, Eddie Black. The Vocal Business model is focused on serving the consumers of a community and Vocal is excited to engage and serve the consumers of White Sulphur Springs.

Dutton State Bank plans to close the White Sulphur Springs branch on Friday, September 29th. Vocal Credit Union has committed to hiring all of the former Dutton State Bank White Sulphur Springs employees so that the faces of the staff and the lending teams will remain the same for all of the White Sulphur Springs consumers. The branch will be rebranded with Vocal signage and colors. On Monday, October 2nd, Vocal Credit Union will open their new branch at their new location at 4261 Hwy 12 E.

Denise Lopp, a Dutton State Bank team member who will serve as the new Consumer Loan Officer at Vocal’s White Sulphur Springs branch, said that continuity was key in making the decision to transition to Vocal, “I am excited about this transition and the opportunities it will bring not only to me, but also to my community. We want to make sure our customers would be comfortable with the transition and for them to know that we will be with them every step of the way.”

The largest hurdle facing the transition is regulatory compliance concerning requirements for capital. Due to restrictions that have been applied to the credit union, all money market accounts and certificates of deposit (CDs) currently held at Dutton State Bank White Sulphur Springs by customers will remain with the bank. Vocal is focused on making sure they keep the credit union’s overall capital at safe levels to retain their standing as a safe, prudent, responsible financial institution. Over time as loans grow, Vocal will look at adding deposits to ensure steady growth. “We knew going in that the amount of deposits was going to be a concern for the credit union. We made the decision to take on as many of the accounts as possible to be able to serve a majority of the community members at the beginning,” said Rasmussen.

New Vocal members in White Sulphur will benefit from Vocal’s investment in the latest banking technologies, including secure chip cards, easy mobile banking app, and bill-pay through online banking at no extra charge. Vocal team members will be onsite at the Dutton State Bank branch, at 4261 Hwy 12 E, to introduce themselves and answer any questions bank customers have about the transition. The new Vocal members should also be on the lookout for a letter with more details about what to expect, and can anticipate a call from the Vocal team to make sure they feel comfortable with the changes.

“Vocal’s top priority through all of this is to make sure that this works for the consumers and the staff. Vocal has been visiting with us and asking what we need to serve the community,” said Gretchen Rader, Lead Member Service Representative.

Vocal is planning welcome events such as a barbecue at the branch and will be looking for ways to get to know more of the White Sulphur Springs community. Until then, more can be learned about the credit union at www.vocal.coop, or by calling the Helena branch at (406) 442-1421.