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Fee Schedule

Effective as of Sept 1, 2020

Account balancing assistance$15.00Per hour charge for One-on-One time with a staff member to balance your account
Business Account Deposit Balancing$35.00
Counter Check$4.00Plain checks are $4.00 for a sheet; 1 sheet is 4 checks.
Credit Union Draft$5.00 No charge if the check is made out to yourself
Debit/Credit Card Replacement$5.00
Deposit Item return$30.00Item is from same member, but different FI
Inactivity Account Charge$25.00Per quarter charge, after 12 months of no activity
Draft Copy$5.00Copy of a check
Fax$1.00Per page charge for fax service
IRA Transfer Fee$25.00To transfer IRA’s to another institution
Consumer Loan Late Fee on Loans$25.00 20% of interest due or $25.00, whichever is higher (after 10 days)
Loan Non-Compliance$85.00Per month
Mortgage Modification25 bp25 basis points of current balance + recording fees
Mortgage Subordination$100.00100.00 plus recording fees
Notary Service$5.00Fee only applies to non-members
Overdraft Transfer Fee$5.00per occurrence
Photocopies$1.00Per page charge for copying service
Return Mail$5.00
Overdraft/NSF Returned Item Fee$30.00
Rush Order on Plastic cards$35.00Any rush order put on debit or credit cards
Statement Copy$5.00To get an additional copy of your account monthly statement
Stop Payment$30.00Single or Series
VISA late fee$25.00Up to $25.00 for Late pay on VISA payment
Western Union Wire Fee$35.00
Wire Transfer (outing)$20/$40$20 for domestic and $40 for international