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Sep 3, 2020 | News

Montana is known for its big sky horizons and wide open roads.  At Vocal Credit Union, we believe our members should have reliable vehicles that truly fit their lifestyles while traveling the highways and byways of our great state.  That’s why we offer each member a custom-tailed car loan solution that fits their needs and their budget.

A Vocal member who comes to see us for a car loan will get the same loan rate for a brand new F-150 Ford truck with all the extras as they will for a used 1993 Subaru.  While other financial institutions will automatically charge more for the Subaru, our loan rate determination will be based solely on the member’s credit history and income assessment regardless of the collateral.

In fact, many other banks and credit unions simply won’t offer a loan for the Subaru because the low dollar amount isn’t profitable enough.  At Vocal, we believe you should get the best fit car or truck for your lifestyle – without interest rates being a determining factor for your decision.   That’s why when you come in for a car loan, one of our knowledgeable loan officers will sit down with you to review the options available to you, what you can afford, and how we can approach a sustainable payment plan.

While other financial institutions will turn away people seeking loans with bad credit, we’re willing to work with any member in good standing at our credit union. That’s because we believe a lower dollar car loan custom-tailored for a member’s needs is a great place to start rebuilding credit history after life’s unexpected challenges.  If consistent payments on a lower dollar car loan are made, a member can expect to trade that loan in for a higher dollar amount and go after the car or truck that will accommodate a growing family, or take a contracting business to the next level.

Check out our car loan calculator to learn more about the car loan options that could be available to you today.

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