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Sep 2, 2020 | News

Vocal Credit Union is proud to custom tailor the best personal loans for every member in our community. Wherever you are in life or your career – and whatever’s happened along the way – we find workable solutions and provide affordable personal loan rates.

At Vocal, we understand that our members want to explore more of this great place we all call home, and are continually seeking new, rewarding experiences for themselves and their families.  That’s why we offer personal loans that make it possible to buy that first boat for water skiing on Canyon Ferry Lake, or the coveted RV that will take a couple on their first cross-country road trip in true comfort.  If your vision for the future includes specialized gear or a new recreational vehicle, we have an affordable loan to help make your dreams become your weekend adventures.

Offering smaller dollar amount loans and the same loan rate regardless of what a member is looking to buy is part of Vocal’s culture of trust, and offering excellent service with a personal touch.  As we like to say, “We don’t care about the collateral. We care about the person.”  That means Vocal is going to charge the same rate for a new four-wheeler or a recreational vehicle as we will for a new car or truck.

Vocal’s team of experienced and knowledgeable loan officers also understand that we all have to start somewhere with establishing a strong credit history.  We always reward members with excellent credit with a great loan rate.  And, while other financial institutions assign a terrible credit rating to people without an established credit history, we treat those members as having average credit.  That means our younger members have the same opportunity to get a loan and go after what they want.

We also understand life offers unforeseen challenges like medical bills and unemployment that can do a number on our credit scores. To help our members get back on their feet financially, we offer debt consolidation loans.  When a member with below average credit comes to us for a loan, we’re going to sit down with them, provide education on the available options and what they can afford, and what Vocal can do to get them into a best-fit solution with a payment plan that will rebuilt their credit over time.

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