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New Technologies for Members

Sep 1, 2020 | News

Vocal Credit Union believes banking should happen wherever your day takes you. And that full confidence in transaction security should follow.

As part of our new and exciting transition to Vocal Credit Union, we are proud to offer members several new technologies designed to make managing your accounts possible wherever you are, whenever you need access. The upgraded technologies are part of our ongoing investment to provide the most convenient and secure access to member data. Our new mobile application for smartphones, streamlined home banking platform, and CardNav technology were all carefully selected first and foremost to help protect our members from hacking and identity theft.  We thoroughly reviewed the many options available to banks and credit unions, and picked the technologies we felt confident were the best fit in terms of increased security and user-friendly 24/7 banking for our members.

While we always love seeing our members, our intention is that our upgraded mobile application and home banking platform make it easy for you to do everything you can do at our brick and mortar location from the comfort of your home – or wherever your day takes you.  Don’t worry about having to learn whole whole new systems though – the upgrade will only make these technologies more intuitive and user-friendly.  The upgraded, user-friendly mobile application offers a 24/7 connection to your account from your smartphone, iPad or other mobile devices.  The streamlined home banking service offers the same anytime, anywhere access – and more features like the ability to send a wire transfer online – without overcomplicating things. We’ve made these continued investments in our remote banking services because we want our members to have more time to spend with their families, to grow their businesses, and to contribute to our community.

The upgraded CardNav and EMV (also known as chip card) technologies that we are adding to our existing suite of security features allow members to have safer access to transactions, helping to reduce incidences of fraud.

Vocal is also carefully researching technologies like ApplePay and GooglePlay, and exploring the potential for rolling these services out to members in the future.  We’ll continue to do our due diligence on evolving technologies like these to ensure we’re always offering our members best-fit, leading-edge financial services.

Please don’t hesitate to visit with a member of the Vocal team if you have any questions about the new technologies and how they can make your life easier – and your transactions more secure – today.  Remember, we always love to see you – we just want to give you more options when you can’t come into the credit union!

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